Manage Recipients and Aliases

Recipients are the names you expect your mail to be addressed with alongside your Earth Class Mail address and number. They may be specific people, businesses and/or departments receiving mail in your account.



There are two primary benefits to managing your recipient list: you’ll be able to configure mailbox automation rules for recipients’ mail, and you’ll be able to control access at the Recipient level for any other users on the account.  

Items addressed to your account without a corresponding recipient name will be delivered to your inbox unassigned. Mailbox automation rules do not apply to unassigned pieces of mail, which will result in the need to request actions manually.

Additionally, aliases may be attached to recipient names in order to assign mail that’s addressed to the recipient with a nickname or alternate name. For example, an alias for Bruce Wayne would be “Batman” or an alias for Zachary might be “Zach”.


Adding and Removing Recipients

1. Click "Menu" and then “Settings.” From "Account Settings" select "Recipients."


2. Click the green “Add A New Recipient” button on the top left corner of the “Recipients” page to create a new recipient for your mailbox. Enter any new recipient name.


3. To remove a recipient, simply click the red delete button below the recipient name and click “Yes” to confirm. Note that this will not stop or block mail that’s sent to your address with the recipient's name from appearing in your inbox. If a recipient is removed but mail is still sent with your account's correct address and that deleted recipient’s name on it, it will be delivered to the administrator of the account to determine what action should be taken on it (i.e. recycling, scanning, forwarding.)

You can also change the recipient's name at any time by clicking the "Edit" button.


Adding and Removing Aliases

Some of your senders may know you or your business by a familiar nickname. That’s why we offer the option to add aliases. This ensures that mail addressed to you by a nickname will still be filed under your recipient name.

1. To add an alias, or nickname, to a recipient, simply select the "+ Add" button beneath the recipient's name. Type in the alias and press the "Submit" button.


Now, mail addressed to "The Butler" can be delivered to the recipient "Alfred Pennyworth."

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