Welcome to Earth Class Mail!

Thanks for signing up for Earth Class Mail, we're excited to have you as a customer! Here's what you need to do to get started with your new account.

Authorize Earth Class Mail to Manage Your Mail

In order to gain full feature access in your Earth Class Mail account, you’ll need to complete a USPS Form 1583. This is the United States Postal Service’s legal requirement to allow a third party to access mail addressed to an individual or company. See our USPS Form 1583 page for more information.

Notify Specific Senders Of Your New Address

We can help you with that! Simply email our support team with the addresses that need to be notified and we’ll send them a personalized postcard updating them of your new address. You can also provide your phone number and an account number associated with a vendor to allow them to confirm the change with you. Reach out to our support team, support@earthclassmail.com, to utilize our Change of Address Notification services.

Redirect All Mail to Your New Address

You can file a change of address with the United States Postal Service if you prefer to redirect all of your mail to us instead of individually notifying vendors or family. You can file a change of address form online or at any US post office.

Become familiar with the full pricing breakdown

Most of our plans include at least 10 complimentary content scans per month. Any requests after that have fees associated with them. Content scans are requested from within your customer interface when you would like us to open and scan your mail’s contents into a searchable PDF. We automatically scan the front and back of all pieces of mail. You can review the full pricing breakdown to better understand the fees associated with actions you can take on your mail.

Set Up Check Deposit

We have a great system called CheckStream to handle check deposits for you. This system deposits received checks directly into your bank account.

We offer a Check Deposit add-on at $30/month + $2/check. This is optimal and recommended if you expect to receive more than 3 checks per month. This can be added on from within your settings page under the "Billing Add-ons" tab.
If you don’t expect to receive more than 3 checks per month, you can still deposit checks for a $10 per check fee. Simply request a deposit when reviewing your mail items.

How do I set up Check Deposit?
You can set up multiple bank accounts to deposit checks into from within the Settings page in your customer interface. This will allow you to select from any of these accounts when requesting to deposit a check.
See our guide to setting up your deposit account for more information.

Need additional help navigating through your new customer interface?

Join one of our Onboarding Specialists for a live demo of your new customer interface. Sign-up for the next webinar where we´ll screen share a demo account and show you some best practices and important features to be aware of.

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