Set Up A Check Deposit Account

After selecting your preferred CheckStream plan, add at least one bank account to receive your check deposits. Earth Class Mail users may set up an unlimited number of domestic accounts.

Adding a "Check Deposit Account"

1. Click the "Menu" button in your interface, and in the drop-down menu, click “Settings.” From "Account Settings" select "Check Deposit Accounts."

 Screenshot_2018-10-31_at_3.54.03_PM.png jeffrey_menu_drodown_settings.pngInterface_Account_Settings_Checking_Account_Selected.png


2. Enter your bank account information. Fill in the "Routing" and "Account" number spaces for a checking or savings account. The contact spaces must be submitted with the information your bank has on file for your account.

Make the "Account Display Name" a nickname or whatever you'd like for organizational purposes. This feature is especially helpful if you, or your business, want to manage multiple bank accounts.




Once completed, your newly linked account will appear on the "Check Deposit Accounts" page.


You can edit your display name at any time by selecting the blue "Edit" button. You can also remove the account by selecting the red "Remove" button.   

Once you've successfully selected your CheckStream plan and added a check deposit account, you're ready to deposit checks remotely.   


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