Send Notifications of Your New Address

Need help forwarding mail to your new address?

Let us help you with that, you have better things to do. Our support team is ready to help notify clients, vendors, family and friends of your new Earth Class Mail address so that you can start transforming your mail into actionable digital documents as soon as possible.

Send us your former mailing address and a list of contacts (name and full address) to, and we'll mail them a personalized postcard that notifies them of your new address. Notify a larger group by exporting contacts from your Xero or Quickbooks accounts.

You can also optionally provide a phone number and/or a specific vendor/institution account number that will allow them to confirm the change with you directly.

Here are some suggestions of who to notify: 

  • Business Vendors
  • Business Clients
  • Your financial institutions
  • Your credit card companies
  • Your utilities, cable, phone and internet providers
  • Your health/life insurance company
  • Your vision/dental/catastrophic insurance company
  • Your car insurance company
  • Your rental or home insurance company
  • Your alma mater
  • Friends & family
  • Grab 5 pieces of mail from your desk and start there!

This is what your contacts will receive from us.


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