2018 Q4 Billing Date Change

Effective November your billing date will change in accordance with changes to accounting standards that become effective early 2019. You may see an adjustment on your bill that reflects the system entries necessary to accommodate the change. You will not need to take any action and will see no impact to plan fees nor will there be any interruption of service.

In November, we will begin the process of aligning all customers to a bill date on the first of each month. We expect this process to be complete by December 1st. This change aligns our customers to pay at the end of our billing period instead of the beginning. You will pay us AFTER we deliver our service to you, not before.

How will this change impact my payments?

You will be billed twice between November 1 and December 1 - but the total of these two payments will be the same amount that you pay today in a 30 day billing period. We will adjust both of these billings with credits to ensure that your payment amounts are not adversely affected.

What should I expect to happen next (aka the details)?

  • On your billing date in November, you will make your regular payment for the month of November. As usual, this payment will include your usage (shipping, scanning, storage) for the prior 30 day billing period; and your plan fee for the upcoming 30 days.
  • This bill will also include a credit for the days in November that you paid with your October billing. (we don’t want to charge you twice for those days).
  • On December 1, you will be billed your regular monthly plan fee plus your usage (shipping, scanning, storage) for the days since your last billing.
  • This bill will also include a credit for those days in November that you paid earlier in the month.
  • All in all, these two billings plus the two credits will not result in any additional billings. You will pay your regular monthly plan fee plus any usage charges for the prior time period.
  • On January 1, you will pay a full month of usage and a full month of plan fee; and you’ll pay your bill every month on the 1st moving forward.

 Why is Earth Class Mail making this change?

  1. This change helps us to deal with recent accounting rules changes that will take effect in 2019.
  2. With all of our customers paying on the first of the month, we can generate more accurate business metrics and make better business decisions.

What do I need to do?

You do not need to do anything. We will make this change with our billing system, and it will be seamless for you.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to support@earthclassmail.com.





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