Create Auto-Scan Rule in the New Interface


How-to set up a (basic) configuration to automate interior content scans of your Inbox items:

Setting up an ‘auto-scan’ rule means that Earth Class Mail will automatically scan the items we receive for your Inbox Recipients, and you don’t have to manually request a scan per item received. Auto-scan will be skipped on any item that cannot be delivered to a known Recipient on your account.   

  1. If logged in to, go to Inbox dropdown (top left) and click on Settings -

  • Click on Mailbox Rules, then click on Add New from the section on the right.
image4_1_.png image3_1_.png


  • Enter a description for your rule. We recommend “Auto-Scan” as the Description, but you can enter whatever you’d prefer it otherwise.


  • Select a Recipient; click Next
  • Select only the first two options; these will be the events that happen before an item is automatically scanned:
    • A new item is delivered to your mailbox.
    • A new item is transferred to your mailbox.
  • Click Next
  • Select Scan as the automated action that will occur after the events selected in the previous step.  
  • Click Next


  • For this basic configuration, we recommend selecting Include all items for auto-scan. You can exclude certain items in the next step.

  • If concerned about overages after the first 20 pages included (per scan), select the option to exclude automatic scans of items that have at least 21 pages or more. Select and enter “21” within the space provided. Otherwise, select the option to exclude no options.
  • If you want to exclude bulk mail from being auto-scanned, select the last option to Match the following mail classes, and click the Bulk Mail Classes button; click Next.

  • mailbox_rules_exclude_screen.png
    autoscan_confirmation_.pngCongratulations, you just set up an auto-scan mailbox rule! Confirm your settings and click
    Create Rule.


  • After creating your auto-scan rule, you’ll find it listed in your Mailbox Rules section for future reference.

Thanks for choosing Earth Class Mail! If you need assistance or have questions, please reach out to

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