Create Auto-Scan Rule in the Classic Interface


How-to set up a (basic) configuration to automate interior content scans of your Inbox items:

Setting up an ‘auto-scan’ rule means that Earth Class Mail will automatically scan the items we receive for your Inbox Recipients, and you don’t have to manually request a scan per item received. Auto-scan will be skipped on any item that cannot be delivered to a known Recipient on your account.  


  1. If logged in to, go to Settings (bottom left) and click on Mailbox Rules (under Recipient Settings) -


  • Click on Add Rule
  • Select Scan Item from the Available Actions dropdown, and click Add Action:

  1. Choose configurations -  


  • We recommend “Color 200 DPI” scans for the best possible quality.
    • Overage fees apply for scans over 20 pages; fees are higher for color scans.
  • We recommend “Do nothing” as the action taken after the scan is complete, which means that it will not automatically be shredded or recycled after being scanned. This gives you the flexibility to choose what gets disposed. If desired, you can create a separate mailbox rule to accommodate situations where you want to exclude certain items, like checks, from being automatically shredded or recycled after being scanned.
  • Click Next



  1. Configure Events, Inclusions, and Exclusions


  • You should now see ‘Scan Item’ listed as an Action; click Next (again)
  • We recommend selecting both new and transferred item options; click Next.
  • For this basic configuration, we recommend selecting Include all items for auto-scan. You can exclude certain items in the next step.
  • If concerned about overages after the first 20 pages included per scan, select to exclude automatic scans of items that haveat least 21 pages or more. Select and enter “21” within the space provided. Otherwise, select the option to exclude no options. Click Next
  • If you want to exclude bulk mail from being auto-scanned, select the last option to Match Bulk Mail; click Next.
  1. Review the summary and click Save Rule!


  • You’ll see the new Scan Item rule listed in your Mailbox Rules.

Thanks for choosing Earth Class Mail! If you need assistance or have questions, please reach out to

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