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Registered Agent (Resident Agent or Statutory Agent) -

What the heck is a registered agent? Sounds complicated. And why are businesses required to have one? There's actually good reason. 

Most states require businesses registered within their jurisdiction to designate and maintain a registered agent, because states need to have a local contact for a business that can be reached at any time during normal business hours.

As your registered agent, Earth Class Mail provides you a legal address (not a P.O. Box) where someone will be available to receive service-of-process, such as tax and legal documents, on your behalf. We will then notify you (the business entity) when documents are received.


Why have a Registered Agent?

- Change your business location as often as you'd like without the hassle of changing your legal mailing address.

- Never forget or overlook important documents again

- Avoid being served potentially embarrassing legal documents at your place of business in front of customer, clients and co-workers.

- Any business that fails to designate a registered agent risks falling out of "good standing" with the state, which may result in penalties such as fines or having a license revoked. 


Need a Registered Agent?

Businesses can only be registered with an Earth Class Mail address when using our Registered Agent Service. Without this service, your ECM address can only legally be used for receiving mail.

Earth Class Mail offers a registered agent service for only $5/month.

We can receive service of process and other official documents on your behalf at our street addresses in the following cities:

Signing up for our registered agent service is simple. Just contact customer support and one of our friendly agents will be happy to assist you.

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