Customer Referral Program

We love our customers, and we’re fortunate to have customers that love our product. So many of our new users join because someone they know told them about Earth Class Mail.

Now you can earn account credit and share a great offer when you use your custom referral link.

All you need to do is…

  1.     Share your link anywhere, anytime.
  2.     You get a $49 credit on your next bill, for each sign up.
  3.     They get their first month of any plan totally free.

Every time someone signs up with your link, you both win – it’s that easy. Plus, now they owe you one, so keep that in your back pocket.

There’s no cap on the referral credits you can earn. Credits also rollover month-to-month, so if you earn more than your plan costs in any one month that credit balance will be available the next month.

Get your Customer Referral link!

If you have any questions we’re happy to help. Our live customer support is standing by.

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