Mail Storage: Physical v. Cloud, and Fees

How Your Mail is Stored

We store both the physical mail we receive, and the digital copies we create after scanning your mail.

There are two types of storage you should be familiar with:

  1. Physical Mail Storage - when we store the tangible, physical original of your mail in one of our facilities
  2. Cloud Mail Storage - the digital scans we produce when we induct and process your mail

Physical Mail Storage

Your subscription automatically includes 30 days of free storage for your mail, and 10 days of free storage for you packages. 

How it works:

  • The free storage period for any item starts when it's delivered to your account
  • After the free storage period has expired, daily storage fees will apply
  • You can avoid these storage fees by recycling, shredding, or forwarding the mail
  • You can set Mailbox Rules in your account to automatically recycle, shred, or forward mail based on criteria you choose

How much it costs:

For the most up to date rates, consult our usage fee page or your current subscription.

First 30 days after item is received FREE                                           
Letter Storage (>30 days) $0.03/day
Package Storage (>10 days) $0.30/lb per day

Cloud Mail Storage

Your subscription includes unlimited cloud storage for all of the mail scanned in your account for as long as you are a subscriber. Earth Class Mail does not meter or limit your cloud storage currently, and there are no overage fees.

Cloud Security:

  • Your data is safe in our cloud
  • All cloud data is encrypted with 256-bit security
  • We average 99.9% uptime, so your data is always accessible 

We highly recommend that you also enable our cloud storage integrations for Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive

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