What do you do with mail that comes to a closed account?


United States Postal Service regulations require Earth Class Mail to continue accepting incoming mail sent to an address for six months after the date of cancellation. When you request cancellation of your account with 30 days notice it will be switched to a cancellation plan at the following billing cycle after that 30 day period. The account will then enter a 6 month grace period. During this grace period if you happen to receive mail to your Earth Class Mail address you will still be able to login and manage it. You will not be charged a base subscription fee during this period but fees for managing mail such as Storage, Content Scanning, Pickups and Shipments will still apply if you utilize those. You have the option to opt out of this grace period if desired. 


Regular rates apply unless listed below:

Scans: $4 per piece (20 pages or less)

Domestic Shipment: $5/shipment plus postage and $1 per item

International Shipment: $10/shipment plus postage and $1 per item

Pickup: $3/pickup plus $1.50 per item


At the end of the 6 month grace period your account will be fully closed. Any mail existing in storage will be recycled. Any new mail items received after that point will marked as return to sender.


If you have opted out of the grace period any mail existing in storage and any new mail received for the following 6 months after cancellation will be recycled. At the end of that 6 month period any new mail received will be refused marked as return to sender.

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