Administrator Mail

There are two types of mail that account administrators may have to process, Unassigned and Returned mail. Both types of mail will come into your Inbox and are marked by the word (Unassigned) or (Returned) before the sender name. To view only these items or to remove them temporarily from your view, you may select the Administrator mail or No administrator mail filters from the Filter by... drop down menu.

The mail marked as (Unassigned) is mail that Earth Class Mail has determined to belong to your account but not a specific person within the account. Some reasons are because the name on the mail is misspelled, is addressed to a nickname or the recipient isn't listed on the account at all. If the mail can be processed by you, you may request services without performing any other steps. If another user on your account should process this mail, select Transfer from the Send menu. This will provide you with a list of active recipients on your account and you may select the person's mailbox to which it should be transferred.

Mail marked as (Returned) is mail that another recipient on the account determined to not belong to them. They selected the item to be removed from their mailbox and returned to an account administrator for further processing. If the item should not have been delivered to your account, you may select to Return it from the Send menu. This will return it to the Earth Class Mail processing center for resolution.

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