Folder Management

With the new version of Earth Class Mail, you can file your mail items in customizable folders, just like you do with your email messages. Clicking the Manage Folders link gives you the option to create, rename or delete a folder to keep your mail organized by whatever method you choose.

The Mailbox Folders area in the left panel of the Earth Class Mail interface contains your user created folders and the tools to manage these folders. For further information about the Your Archive Folder please visit Your Archive Folder.

To create a new folder, you may select Create Folder... from the Move menu above the list of mail items or you may select Manage Folders... from the Mailbox Folders list.

The Manage Folders window will allow you to add a new folder, rename a current folder or delete a folder and all of its contents.

When deleting a folder you will be asked how to resolve the contents of the folder. If you wish to keep some of the mail items in the folder you are deleting, you may wish to move those items out prior to deleting it. If you find that you have mistakenly deleted an item, please see Trash for further information.

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