Check Deposit Settings

To manage your check deposit settings, navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Check Deposit Settings. This page will list the bank accounts you have been approved to deposit checks into through Earth Class Mail. Selecting the Limits link will display your current deposit limits.

You may request an increase to your limits to permit you to deposit higher value checks, more checks per day or month, or a faster deposit time. First, select the limits link next to the bank account which you would like to change.

Select the OK button after inputting your desired limits and on the Check Deposit Settings page,select the Save button to complete the changes. Don't forget to fax or email your bank account statements.

Please note that you may request limit increases on as many of your bank accounts at once as you choose, but once you have submitted the changes by selecting the Save button, you will not be able to request further changes until the limits have been updated.

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