Select Your CheckStream Solution

Depositing checks without going to the bank starts by subscribing to CheckStream, Earth Class Mail's custom remote check deposit solution.

CheckStream Usage Plans

Setting up your check deposit solution with Earth Class Mail is simple, and begins with choosing between our “Monthly” or “One-Off” usage plans.

"Monthly" subscription customers pay $2 per deposited check along with a $30 monthly fee. "One-Off" plan customers pay $10 per deposited check. Customers expecting to receive more than three checks per month are recommended to select our "Monthly" plan in order to reduce your deposit-related fees.

Select Your Plan

1. When logged into your account, click "Menu" -> “Settings.” -> and under "Account Settings" -> "Billing Add-ons."

 Screenshot_2018-10-31_at_3.54.03_PM.png jeffrey_menu_drodown_settings.pngInterface_-_Billing_Add-Ons_Selected_From_Account_Settings.png


2. From the Billing Add-ons page, select either the "Monthly" or "One-Off" plan.


Once you've selected your plan, the last step to complete before depositing your checks is setting up at least one "check deposit account."

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