Email Alerts

You may choose to have as many or as few alerts about your mail as you would like. If you check the As it occurs box, you will receive an alert as soon as the listed event happens. You may also choose to additionally receive a summary notice either daily, weekly or monthly. Some of these options may not be visible if you are not an administrator or have check deposit service.

You may also choose to copy another email address on all of your alerts from Earth Class Mail. This may be useful if someone else will be managing your mail or if your coworkers or family members are sharing a group mailbox. If you decide to include the envelope image in the email, you will be able to immediately see the piece of mail and even act upon it from within your email client with the most common commands included in the alert.

After a scan completes, if you have the "As It Occurs" box checked and the "Attach scanned PDF.." box checked, the PDF will be attached to the email alert allowing you to easily forward or view the scan from outside the user interface.

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