How long does it take to receive my mail?

How quickly you get your mail depends on several factors:

  • What type of mail was sent (bulk, first class, expedited, and etc.)
  • When it was sent
  • Where it was sent from
  • Where it was sent to

How the type of mail impacts when you receive it:

This is outside of Earth Class Mail's control, and often outside of your control. Mail that is classified as bulk will take longer to deliver than the standard first class mail (if you use a regular stamp, that's first class mail).

Overnight, express, and the various forms of expedited mail will be delivered sooner.

How the date it was sent impacts when you receive it:

Earth Class Mail processes mail during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday each week. We do not process mail on weekends or holidays.

Earth Class Mail observes several national holidays during which our processing centers and facilities are closed, including: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

On these days, mail will not be inducted or processed. Additionally, on rare occasion a weather related event may delay processing at individual facilities.

The U.S. Postal Service, along with the various other carriers, set their holiday observance independently as well. Meaning even though Earth Class Mail might be open, it doesn't mean the carrier is delivering mail on that day.

How the location mail was sent from impacts when you receive it:

This is another example of an external factor that Earth Class Mail and you have little control over. Mail delivery timetables vary by carrier, and depend on which address you are using to receive mail from within Earth Class Mail's network.

How the Earth Class Mail address you subscribe to can impact when you receive mail:

Earth Class Mail offers a wide network of addresses, but not all addresses are processing centers.

A processing center is an address that is both staffed, and has equipment on site to induct and scan your mail.

If you're using one of these addresses, your mail should be processed within 1 business day once it is received.

Our Processing Center:

If you're not using an address in a processing center, then you are using a remote address.

A remote address is generally not staffed, and any mail received is packaged and forwarded to one of our processing centers. This means there is additional transit time required before your mail can be inducted and made available.

If you're using one of these addresses, your mail should be processed within 3-6 business days once it is received.

You can expedite scanning for $15/scan. To see additional options for expedited processing, see our Usage Rates here.

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