Mobile Support

Device Support

Earth Class Mail currently provides support for iPhone, iPad and most Android devices. Although other devices may work, they are not officially supported.

Limited Features

Please note that at this time, the following items are unavailable through the mobile interface:

  • Items must be added to shipments and pickups one at a time- multiple selections are not supported.
  • Administrators cannot switch between user's mailboxes.
  • Mail cannot be transferred between user's mailboxes.
  • Users cannot be added or removed.
  • Many settings are unavailable.

Mobile Preference

If you are using the mobile interface and would prefer that your email alert buttons take you to the mobile site on your mobile device, please follow these steps:

  • From the Mobile Dashboard, select My Account
  • Choose Mobile/Desktop Preference
  • Choose View In Mobile Mode

This will only affect the device on which you make the change. If you would like to reverse this, simply follow the same steps and choose View In Desktop Mode.


The search functionality is improved in the mobile interface. You can search by the following methods:

  • By date of when the mail was delivered
  • By the sender's name on the envelope
  • By the contents of the scanned item. (Only available if you have enabled Character Recognition for Scans / Searchable PDFs.)



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