Control Bar - Information View

The Information view displays the full details of a selected mail item. The Sender panel displays the sender name if it was recognized automatically by the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. You may Edit the name of the sender yourself if it was not detected or if the OCR was incorrect.

The Details panel will display when and how the mail arrived. The Received date is when it was delivered to your mailbox and may be different from the initial delivery date if this mail item was transferred to your mailbox by another user on your account. This panel will also display if there are any pending requests and where the mail piece is stored. If the item will incur storage fees, the amount will be shown as well as the date when fees will start. The Item ID is a unique identifier for your piece and should be provided to Customer Support if you are experiencing any issues with a piece of mail. It can also be used to locate this specific item within your account using the Find Item... link in the left Mailbox Folders panel.

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