Creating Shipments

To create a shipment, select the item or items of mail you would like to ship to a specific address and choose Ship.. from the Send menu. Make sure that all of the items you are selecting are stored at the same location or you will receive an error message.

You can choose to create a new shipment or add items to a pending shipment (if applicable). If you choose to add items to a pending shipment, click on the box containing the future shipment.

If you choose to create a new shipment, you will be asked to choose the recipient, the method of shipping and the date on which you would like it shipped.

When choosing a destination, you may enter a new address or select a saved address from yourAddress Book. When entering a new address, you will be prompted to fill in the following fields.

Any address you enter will be subject to our address correction tool. You can either choose to proceed with how you entered the address or choose the auto-corrected format.

If choosing from your address book, you will select from a saved address that you have entered and/or shipped to in the past.

Next, choose the method by which you would like your mail sent. Earth Class Mail uses the United States Postal Service and FedEx for outbound shipments. If you choose to ship a single letter weighing less than five ounces, you will be able to select the USPS First Class untracked shipping method.

After you have selected the method, you’ll move on to the Shipment Options screen. You may choose to purchase insurance for your shipment and, enter in comments for our Shipping Department, and allow other users in your account to add to the shipment. If you are shipping mail outside of the United States, you will be asked to fill out some customs information. You may set the date for your shipment to go out in a few weeks or months but it will default to the earliest possible shipping date. If you request your shipment prior to 12 pm in the time zone where your mail is located it can be shipped the same day.

On the final screen you will see a summary of the shipment and be asked to save your shipping request. Here, you also have the option to choose to keep any scanned electronic documents in your Earth Class Mail account. Please notethat if you do not choose to keep the scan when shipping items, the electronic PDF scan of the mail, the envelope image and the record of it in your account will be removed from your account when the physical item is shipped out. This is irreversible. Be sure that you have saved the PDF to your computer for storage or file the electronic copy in a user created folder if there is a possibility that you may require it in the future.

If you choose to cancel or edit your shipment you will be able to do so from the Pending Shipmentscreen located under Outgoing Mail. You may also remove items from your shipment, these will return to your Inbox.

Once your shipments have been sent out you can view their full details in Track Shipments for the first 60 days. After this period they will move to Past Shipments where you will be able to view the destination, shipping method and cost.

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