Sorting by Column

The column headers of the mailbox you are currently viewing can be used to sort your mail. In concert with Filtering Mail you can manage your mail with just a few clicks.

Clicking on a column header will sort your mail by that column in ascending or descending order. Clicking once will sort descending alphabetically, by date or mail type depending on the column. Clicking on the same column header a second time will reverse the sort order.

  • Icon will sort your items into their physical statuses in the groups physical only, physical and electronic, and electronic only
  • Sender will sort your items alphabetically by sender name. To edit this name see Detail View
  • Status will sort your items by their current requested status. This can include pending operations that you have requested or how the item was delivered to your mailbox
  • Received will sort your items by the date they were delivered to your mailbox
  • Location will sort your items by the operations facility where your mail is currently stored
  • Storage Fee will sort your items by the amount you will be charged if you have not chosen to remove the physical item from your account
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