Menu Bar

The menu bar above your mail item list includes most of the controls you will use to manage your mail. It includes the name of the folder you are currently viewing, up and down buttons to scroll through your mail and several drop down menus with commands to process your mail.

Selecting the up or down arrows will move you through your mail without requiring you to select the mail pieces. This can be useful if you are processing several items of mail and have your View Control Bar enlarged on your screen to see the largest envelope view.

These up and down arrows are followed by drop down menus for Open & Scan, Delete, Move andSend. The next drop down menu is the View menu. You may change the way mail is displayed in the mail list with this menu.

The top choice is the default and will display small thumbnails that you may mouse over to show a larger thumbnail image. The bottom choice is the detail list view and does not have a mouse over thumbnaill but does have different columns of information. This view may be more useful for mail processors as more mail items can fit into your mail list at once using the detail list view as the rows are narrower.

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